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Slightly less than 3 months ago, I made dumplings for the first time. I was very worried that they would taste like shit but the result was amazing! I love you all.

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I like dumplings!

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I don't like snakes, I eat them if I must, but I don't like them. I don't like spiders because they are too big and they are always on my head. I don't like scorpions because they sting you and I am scared of spiders and scorpions. I don't like rats because they eat my food and they are too small. I don't like mice because they are too small and rodents bite me and I am scared of mice and rodents.

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That's a pretty good picture. Thank you for sharing.

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Wendy the Elephant has a tusk because she was born an elephant. She had to grow her way out. She is happy with who she was born as. She is not an animal, she is the symbol of the animal. She is a symbol of evolution. She has a tusk because her tusk was a natural part of her. Wendy the Elephant has a tusk because she is a symbol. A symbol of evolution and all of the things that symbolizes a symbol.

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I am happy for you.