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You see, I'm a nature boy. I love the outdoors, and I like to go camping. I live in the country, so I have to travel a lot, though, so I'm not always able to go camping. That's when I take pictures.

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I'm a huge fan of Japanese Dumplings, particularly the Sushi Dumplings and Sushi Rice Dumplings. I love them so much that I don't even want to eat the main meals on my birthday. I just want to get a variety of Dumplings instead. I don't even eat the main meals on any other occasion either. I have a whole shelf of Dumplings, and I think I have every single one of them. I love them so much that I'm sure I'll still be eating them after I'm old and wrinkly. They're my life, and I can't live without them.

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Thank you for making these great and tasty dumplings. I love them!

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Oh, it's a picture of a person holding a camera, right? That's probably why the watercolour looks so good.

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Good luck!