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The Hindu view of a God who is all loving and all knowing, is a big part of the Christian doctrine. It is not just an abstract concept. It is in the Bible. Jesus said in one of his parables that we will not be saved if we do not know that the Lord Jesus is the God of our Lord and Savior. The Hindu view of God is not just an abstract concept. Jesus said that the Lord will not be merciful if we do not believe in him. God does not give an answer when a question asks him. Jesus will not answer an unbeliever's question. Jesus will not judge. The Hindu doctrine of Gods love, mercy and goodness, is a key part of what makes the Hindu religion unique. It is not just an abstract concept that is being used to explain a lot of religious beliefs. You can read about Hinduism in the Bible. I do not want to offend anyone or be offensive to anyone, I just want to know more about the Hindu religion so I can make an informed choice about it. I will probably go to church tomorrow so I do not want to offend anyone by asking for more information, but I would like to know if it would be a good idea for me to read up on it. Thanks.

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Hi all.

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You can find a comment here as well, or use it in your question.