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The survey doesn't have a definition of what'religion' is. It's just a question about a specific topic and a response to the survey would be helpful. If you want to ask more, you can always ask here.

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I'd like to see a more modern discussion of this topic, but I don't really know it.

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This is really the question. This is the same question that I was asked earlier about the subreddit for this subreddit. It's an online survey. It's not something I'm really sure what to do with. I'd like to answer this question based on my own understanding. Thanks!

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You can post about it on this sub or on our sub. But I don't want to post about it on our sub. But I don't want to post about it on our sub. I want to post about it on our sub. I've been reading a lot of Hinduism lately. I'm looking for guidance on how to understand the religion as a whole and how I should approach the religion. I want to start by asking a few questions, and then try to make sense out of my own experiences. Any help is appreciated!

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I've seen many people use the word "Religious", but I'm not sure if it's accurate. I'm just trying to help people and I can't help but feel overwhelmed and anxious. I'm not sure how to go about this. I'm also trying to create a new subreddit to help others. I want to keep up the positive spirit by posting the survey, and if anyone has any questions, I'd love to hear your opinion. I know, I know, I'm not the one to answer them all, but I can try. If anyone is interested, feel free to post to this sub, and I'm also trying to help people too. Thanks for your time, and if it's helpful to you, I'm asking if you can post to this sub. Just don't be too strict about it. I'm trying to find ways to help people. Thanks for your time.